2.4inch uart tft display module

►Resolution : 240×320 
►View Direction:TN/IPS
►Interface: TTL UART(TXD/RXD)
►Driver IC: Serial comm
►Touch panel: RTP touch
►Brightness(cd/m²): 390
►Outline Dimension:83.00*51.00*4.2mm


MK-H24I2005B is a 2.4inch uart tft display module,driver IC SERIAL COMM, FPC and a backlight unit. The module display area contains 240x320 pixels, This tft module accords with RoHS environmental criterion. The logic power supply voltage range is 1.8V to 3.3V. It can operate in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C and has a storage temperature range of -30°C to +80°C. The quality of Hongcai Lcd display is higher than the industry standard, batches of products have no color cast, color and brightness are consistent, industrial and consumer grade production process requirements, stable quality, continuous supply, worry free after sales service and technical support.

The main component of the TFT color screen module is the lcd display module, which is a serial port lcd screen, which can communicate with the main control board through the serial port, so as to display fonts and graphics of different sizes and colors. The interface of this module is marked in blue/gray color, indicating that it is a dual digital interface, which needs to be connected to the interface marked in blue or gray on the main board.

User Interface easily- just connect the PC and the UART TFT-LCD module through the UART port, and create everything with our software.

By the function of Simulation, you learn how it works on the display. 
● Button
● Text
● Number
●Progress Bar
● Slide Bar
● Gauge

** Hongcai supplies 2.4 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.0 inch and 7.0 inch (It can be with or without resistive/ capacitive touch panel.)**

LCM parameter

Viewing direction12:00O' Clock/
PCBA Outside47.2.00(W)*76.2.50(H)*8.00(T)mm/
LCM Outside Dimensions43.2(W)*59.62(H)*2.80(T)mm/
Active Area (WxH)36.72(W)*48.96(H)mm/
Number of Dots240x320//
Backlight Type1*4=4LEDS / White/Vbl=3.3V
Backlight Luminance250cd/m2/
Interface TypeTTL UART (TXD/RXD)/7PIN(2.54)
Input Voltage5.0V(VDD)V2A


2.8 inch lcd module


The lcd display pictures and text parameters in the above pages are only for illustration. Hongcai Company will provide accurate information as much as possible. The tft display pictures published on this site may be slightly different from the actual lcd display. Please refer to the actual tft display and the detailed specification of the TFT Lcd display screen. The specific model information shall prevail. For specific details, please contact the relevant business personnel. If there is any relevant modification to the above content, no prior notice will be given.


Operating Voltage4.7555.5VVDD
Operating Current---350---mA5V Power
Operating Temperature-302575°C/
Storage Temperature-402580°C/
Serial Baud Rate24009600115200bpsStandards
Serial Output Leve33.23.3VH
Serial Input Leve33.35VH
Extend Flash16M64M256MbitsNor Flash
Flash Memory---256K---bitsMCU
SRAM Memory---128K---bitsMCU
MCU Frequency---120M---HzMCU
External SD Card///bits/


ParameterSymbol Min MaxUnit
Power for Circuit DrivingVCC -0.3 4.6V
Power for Circuit LogicIOVCC -0.3 4.6V
Input voltageVin -0.3 VCC + 0.3V
Operating temperatureTop -20 70
Storage temperatureTst -30 80
HumidityRH / 90%(Max60℃)RH


ParameterSymbolMin TypMaxUnit
Power for analog/logicVcc -GND2.65 3.33.6V
I/O power supplyIOVCC1.65 3.33.6V
Input CurrentIddTBD TBDTBDmA
Input voltage ' H ' levelVih0.7IOVCC /IOVCCV
Input voltage ' L ' levelVilGND 00.3IOVCCV
Output voltage ' H ' levelVoh0.8IOVCC /IOVCCV
Output voltage ' L ' levelVolGND 00.2IOVCCV


Forward voltageVf2.93.13.3VIf=80mA
Luminance with LCDLv--250--cd/m2/
Number of LED/1*4= 4  Pcs/
Connection modeS1 Serial 4Parallel  //


1. Basic specifications

The required TFT Lcd screen size, resolution, communication interface type between motherboard and TFT screen, display viewing angle, touch type selection, external dimensions, structural design, voltage, connection method of FPC cable, or specified Hongcai model.

2. Drawing Confirmation

According to the needs of communication and verification, as well as standard or customized materials, such as resistive touch or capacitive touch, wiring FPC or backlight, arrange the structural drawings of TFT Lcd display screens to customers for confirmation within 2-3 days.

3. Sample making

The sample delivery time for standardized tft display is 2-3 days. For customized lcd display, samples are made according to the confirmed drawings. Sample production takes time. The sample delivery cycle of Lcd screens is generally 7-12 days. The cycle time is 18-21 days.

4. Sample delivery

After the sample production is completed, it will be inspected according to the sample delivery process, and a series of structural and electrical performance tests, high and low temperature and thermal shock aging tests, vibration tests, salt spray tests, etc. will be arranged according to the quality control procedures, and tests will be carried out according to the requirements of different customers , Provide the actual test report of the tft display to ensure the reliable performance of the tft display.

5. Technical service

After receiving the customer's sample, we will provide the IC driver, the initialization code of the LCD screen, and the technical support will cooperate with the adjustment program to light up.

How do you guarantee the quality?

We have passed SGS,ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. We carry out strict quality control checks and every tft lcd display is 100% inspected by at least 5 inspection positions before entering the warehouse.

Do you have MOQ restrictions? Can I also communicate the price?

There is no strict MOQ limit. Small orders are also welcome! We will give our long-term customers the best price.

If I cooperate with Hong CAI, what can I get?

1. A long-term partner with good price and stable quality.

2. Provide the perfect liquid crystal display solution for your application.

3. One to one sales service and perfect after-sales service.

Are you the manufacturer?

We have 3 fully automatic production lines with a monthly capacity of 500K-600K/PCS.

Do you offer customized solutions and what is the customization process?

Yes. More than 90% of our business is custom projects and our process is as follows.

1. 1-2 days for evaluation and quotation.

2. Send you our design (drawing) for your approval within 2 days.

3. According to your custom requirements, send you samples for your approval for 1-2 weeks.

4. Customize new orders for 3-4 weeks.

5. Repeat orders for 3-4 weeks.

What's your after sales service?

We offer a 12-month warranty. If there is a problem, we will analyze the sample and provide a short - and long-term solution report. If it is our tft display, we will replace it.

What size LCD do you offer?

We mainly provide small and medium size displays from 1.3 "to 10.1" for industrial, medical, smart home, applications.

Can we appoint an agent?

We already have agents in some areas and we are looking for more agents in some areas.

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