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Organizational Structure

General Manager

Combined with the advice and suggestions of the head office, responsible for the strategic development and management of the company, enterprise development planning and business development. Fully responsible for the company in the business indicators, business management and business development.

R&D Department

Mainly responsible for the company’s product TFT display core technology research and development, responsible for including the development of solutions, system architecture design, etc.

Marketing Department

Mainly responsible for the company’s business indicators, responsible for business development, construction and operation of marketing team.

Director of Project R&D Department

Mainly responsible for the operation of the company’s technical team, responsible for including product development management, product delivery management, service.

Quality Department

Responsible for implementing the company’s quality policy and quality objectives, planning and organizing the operation and maintenance of the company’s quality management system, and performance improvement;
Responsible for the internal quality audit of quality management of each department;
Responsible for the development and implementation of quality standards, quality inspection procedures and various quality record forms for incoming materials, in-process products, semi-finished products and finished products of LCD display, and take full responsibility for the quality of outgoing products;

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