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3.5inch arduino lcd display

►TFT LCD Display
►3.5″ TFT Display
►Resolution : 320×480 dots
►View Direction: 12 o’clock
►Interface: SPI
►Driver IC: ILI9488
►Brightness(cd/m²): 480
►Outline Dimension: 54.48(W)* 84.71(H) * 2.30(T) mm
►RTP/CTP: Optional

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3.5″ TFT lcd screen display

K350C20301 is a 3.5 inch tft LCD module with optional resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen control with a resolution of 320×480 pixels. This size TFT LCD is in portrait mode with wider viewing angle by POL adjustment, Left: 70 / Right: 70 / Top: 60 / Bottom: 60 degrees (typical). Optional RTP or CTP.

This K350C20301 module has built-in ILI9488 controller IC, supports SPI interface, the power supply voltage (VCC) range is 3.0V to 3.6V, the brightness is 480 nits (typ), and the contrast ratio is 800:1. Ideal for industries such as electrical appliances. The module can operate from -20°C to +70°C; its storage temperature range is -30°C to +80°C.


3.5inch lcd module


General Specifications

Item Contents Unit
Size 3.5 inch
LCM Dimension 54.48(W)* 84.71(H) * 2.30(T) mm
LCD Active Area 48.96* 73.44 mm
Number Of Dots 320×480 pixel
LCD Type a-Si TFT
Viewing Direction 12 o’clock
Driver IC ILI9488
Interface Type SPI
Operating Temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~ 80℃
Backlight Type 6 LEDs
Brightness 480   cd/m2


LCM PIN Definition

NO. Symbol Description
3 GND Ground
4 RESET Reset pin
5 SDA Serial Data Input
6 SCL Serial  Clock
7 RS Destination register selection.
8 CS Chip Select
9 TE Frame mark.
10 GND Ground
13 GND Ground
14 GND Ground
15 GND Ground
16 GND Ground
17 NC NC
18 NC NC
19 NC NC
20 NC NC

DC Characteristics

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
TFT gate on voltage VGH 15 V
TFT gate off voltage VGL -10 V
TFT common electrode Voltage Vcom -1 V

Typical Operation Conditions

Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Analog Supply Voltage VCI 2.5 2.8 3.3 V
Digital Supply Voltage VDD 2.5 2.8 3.3 V
I/O Supply Voltage IOVCC 1.65 1.8/2.8 3.3 V
Input High Voltage VIH 0.8*IOVCC IOVCC V
Input Low Voltage VIL 0 0.2*IOVCC V
Output High Voltage VOH 0.8*IOVCC V
Output Low Voltage VOL 0.2*IOVCC V

Backlight Circuit Characteristics

Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
LED Current IB 90 120 mA
LED Voltage Vf 2.8 3.0 3.2 V
CIE X 0.265 0.295 0.325
Y 0.26 0.29 0.32
Brightness of LCM L 480 cd/m2

Reliability Test Items

Test Item Test Parameters Key factors for determining test results
High temperature storage 80±3 ℃,48H;
Low temperature storage -30±3 ℃,48H;
High temperature storage 70±3 ℃,48H; Inspection after 2~4hours storage at roomtemperature,
Low temperature operation -20±3 ℃,48H; the sample shall be free from defects:
High temperature/humidity 60℃±3 ℃,90%±3%RH ,48H; 1.Air bubble in the LCD;
Thermal Shock ~20℃/0.5h~+70℃/0.5h
for a total 24 cycles;

Vibration Test

Frequency 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz 3.Glass crack;
Amplitude:1.5mm, X,Y,Z
direction for total 1H; 4. The electrical
(Packing condition)

ESD test

±4KV, Human Body Mode, characteristics requirements shall be satisfied.
±8KV, Air Mode, 150pF/330Ω;


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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